Turkey Trip, Part IIIa (Perge [Finally!])

On Saturday the 18th of February, we set out on our final adventure in Turkey: a visit to the Roman Ruins at Perge (PER-geh), the waterfalls at Kurşunlu (KIR-sun-loo), and the awesome amphitheater at Aspendos. Due to the depth and density of what was at Perge, and the number of photos snapped, I will be making... Continue Reading →


Turkey Trip, Part I (So It Begins)

Turkey. Not just for Thanksgiving any more. I know, bad joke, but wow, what a trip. And what an unexpected way to celebrate Valentine's Day 2017. Started out with a wonderful flight aboard Thomas Cook Airlines, and a (not complimentary) bottle of bubbly with my beautiful traveling companion. Once we landed, arrived at passport control, were... Continue Reading →

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